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Monday, July 29, 2013


long time we dont talk <3 

in this long period of no blogging i had written like 3 entries but havent felt like 
posting they are ''too old'' so maybe ill just put pics on Tumblr with short desc.

...maybe lol

Lately im  ADDICTED to ASK.FM 
i love answering to questions so if u feel like asking me somthing dont hesitate

if u have any random question u can ask over there 
anonimously or not

look of the day : 
the bangs and the top of the head is my own hair 
( i bleached it !!!)

my hair is growing very well!!
this is the second month of big-chop and bleaching 
it is shiny, healthy, happy and grow
even if i bleach it like crayyy lol 
and the most important my head is FULL 

i also started doing DIY keratin at home 
ù8 sorry for my psycho face here ahahahah )
it's like a relaxer but better cuz it feeds ur hair a lot and it last only 1 month
your hair stay natural! so after a month i got my cute afro hair back

ill make hair tutorials for my YT channel <3 

if u havent seen it take a look at my channel intro <3 

i bought extensions 
both human and synth !!!
straight, curly , wavyyy

all in #613 and #613 mixes since i dunno what my color is!
but as u can see the color is exactly the same as these curly ones!!!
they had a trange name so i dunno :O

in a month ill go visit my beloved ZUka Kitsune <3 in Portugal **

she is one of the bet gaijin gals ever and her beauty is breath taking !!!
she's like a sister for me and i really cant wait!!
1. cuz i LOVE her

yeahhhhh beach beach beach with zukaaaaaa

gawd im super happy about that!!!!
i gonna stay there at hers from 22nd to 31st August <3 
on 20th it's her bday and i got GAL surprises for her!!! 
i can't wait to see her face!!! ** 
uuuuu ill take pics of the gifts and gonna publish pics when she wear them alllll


<3 Now...
i started working and im superhappy about that !!
im buying a lot and i feel super great 

Its a changements kind of period i guess...uhm 


i redid my 13mm eyelash extensions 
and SHOULD  refill them asap aahahah
but i dunno if i will since im starting using beloved lilash

the girl left the corner bare cuz the previus time they did hurt a bit over there

but from the front the eye is super swinged and full!!!

note: the bottom lashes are drawn with meitu lol 

Now ...i bought LILASH 
that is a famous and fab serum for eyelash growth 

it cost 139 USD/ 106 Euro + shipping from usa but it worth it 
they also got the 3 month supply bottle for less ( 60 euro)

i suggest you NOT TO  look for a place selling it cheaper cuz its full of dangerousLY APPEALING  knock-offs

if u want it u gotta spend that amount ON THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE <3 or maybe a bit less ...but not 20 USD 

some before after pics <3 
its incredible and u can find 1000 amazing testimonials 


 from this situation
 to this!!!!

pics taken from 

cant wait to get it in the mail <3 

As soon as i can i gonna order also HAIRFINITY 
that is a hair diet supplement that is AMAZING 
it usually boost ur hairgrowth from an average 1/4-1/2 inch (1cm) a month 
to 1 full inch ( 2,54cm)
i dunno if i gonna buty the 12 months supply or the 6 months maybe...uhm 


  and i also wanna buy this JUVO SLIM raw meal replacement
since i like having only one meal a day, i want to drink at least 3 lt a day of water and i also want to be 80% raw foodist


50 raw components and bla bla LOL
 its not for weight loss in my case

wELL AS TO SHOPPING I'm waiting for many stuff this month!!!
Zuka's presents, BDIA like nails , ma*rs sets, bla bla
im waiting for 10 packs or more ( i cant remember lol )
and received 2 already ( one with half wig and fringe + BLACK AGEHA dress i was wearing today

 and another with a d.i.a tank top and the golden neko mimi


dunt worry...

i gonna show u everything as soon .

   **+゚゚+。Y* :*´¨`*:..:*´¨`*:.☆ .+*☆*+.:.*.゚ ゚¨゚゚・*:..o○゚+

by SEXY