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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hi gorgies~
lately my needs are lightly changed
-dont feel the press of getting mney
-feel like restart singing and having a workout routine( im an athlet ); i stopped 7 years ago!!!!
-feel the need to study ( i restarted university and am looking for scholarships)
-want a pet
-feel like taking the plane 1/3 times a month ( now looking for Frankfurt flights on 2/3 Dec )
-feel like cooking

I think i havent shared these outfit pics on here so i do it now


yesterday i went to TSURU eating ~ ALONE hah but it was almost closed and the SUPER SWEET AND KIND OWNER/sushiman made me a bento to take away with also fruits etc
you cant imagine how sweetheart and cute is the staff in that place~
strange lucky fact about this order but i wont annoy you with my law of attraction/luckyness stuff~

ok its my business ahuhuh
found many clothes to match~
mainly liz lisa and mary rose
sexy himekaji 's coming

yesterday i forgot to show u my hair and lenses
oh!! here i got my CC CREAM ob my face ( Color Control) ~ its purple (natural beige n.23 like missha)

new hair
gotta rebuy dark brown halfieee

her questions for me
What country do you wish you were born in? cant think about a better place to born :D i think being a migrant is incredible ... Dominican Rep

What would you do if you weren't able to grow hair on your head?
id have a large colletion of lace wigs i guess!!!

Do you have/want children in the future?
im a mama for everybody~ 3 = my ideal

Would you backpack across Europe all expenses paid, if you had to take your entire family with you?

What is more important, financial stability or true love?
Love is air to breath

Is there any clothing shop you refuse to purchase from?
i dont like HM like ones

What languages would you love to speak fluently?

What is one thing you think your country needs to fix?
If Italy is like this there is a reason . I

When was that point in time when you finally realized you were an adult?
oh at 13-almost14 yo actually ~ but I ve never felt like i was the kid of the situation cuz ive always talked to older ppl in a very "secure" way

How do you feel about people that just seem to have everything handed to them in life?
dont care about them~
if they act like this i accept them that way .

What's your favorite scary movie?

11 facts
i love eating
Im 80% lucid while i dream
i dont care abt common beliefs
i read books when they open by theirselves (=when its time, i dont force myself )
i used to be VERY strong phisically
EGG made me fall in love ,BUT AGEHA made me start!
i love being spoiled ~
i never regret abt what i do
i love spoiling cute girls ( future sugarmama here)
koakumagejized to the bone!(agejo from the bottom of my Heart)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

boots and trips

Hi ladies~

as i told you ive been to Sweden for the GAL on BOAT event ~ ( next trips to Florence this week, Barcelona from 1st to 4th Nov but its not sure, Londo,Japan and thailand hopefully)
The first days i wasnt that enthusiast abt Sweden but i knew it was only cuz i hadnt seen that much of thet beautiful country , but the grey part only
last two days i was in a " i want to live here" mood and i got used to the cold wind and so no more freezing as the first day

People is strange ... i mean i actually feel there were GREAT souls there but ppl were very very closed~
many depressive faces but those are everywhere nowadays ~
forgetting abt the suicide faced ones i found very kind ppl and i really enjoied my stay ~
Nature is fantastic !! the woods are incredible !!!
ah and SWEDISH is a veeery strange language for my ears

the best part of the trip was going to my CELGA PACKGE . Ill explain cuz i sound mental

The last day i woke up thinking about the fact Fredrik wasnt at home when they tried to deliver my package both the times)and having no internet i couldnt even track .
being alone ( Fred kindly let me stay in a very cute flat in the centre those days) just told myself " OK MAG! you dunno where the fuq it is but you always win so you will get you ma*rs and himena's romper today"
There where no internet cafes to track so i decided to go to a post office to ask ~
the post office was far by feet but i felt likeNOT going with the subway.
so i started walking to go to the centre ( without shoes !!! ahah ) and PUFF an angel was looking at me .
this honey-hazel turkish courier tpicked me up ( Queena can do that, u guys dont go with strangers like i do!!) and i did stay on his truck with him for hours while he was working (6 hours!) so i had a friend to talk with and sawso many cute places in Stockholm thanks to him!!!~ he bought me food, drove me to MY PACKAGE in Järfälla paid the fee for it , gave me also money to go eating at night, drove me to print my boarding pass etc without trying to fuck me or something bad ( *^* )

Also on saturday i trusted my intuition and ended up being picked to Central Station in few minutes by car, free breakfast and free airport airbus cuz the picker gave me 200 SEK that morning ( loooool)

ihihll im used to this kind of events and maybe this is the reason why im not a greedy person at all and i dont feel guilty for nothing i do in ths life LOL
attracting " angel like" ppl is natural if you are a Heart person ~ no one is alone ihih

After cold Sweden i ve also been to...
MALAGAAA (30 celtius there!) with my lovely PJ
i had so much fun!! thank u PJ

awwww LOVE ANDALUSIA!!! they talk like us LATINOAMERICANSSS yeahhh
Im not a fan of the "standard spain spanish" ~ W MEXICO

i bought MIMO/ Geo forest in blue~

loved them!! i use the past cuz idid rub my eye and lost a lens in the parking ( holy rubbing!!!) ~ so bye byeee


naturally in a very sexy way cuz thats me in the clothes :D with all the browNs of LL I need camel/brown shoesss

i ve always dreamed these boots
16cm+ of dhfhchfhggfhghaEVERYTHNG positive i could say BUT

2298€ the price !!!!

on aution ppl won them at minimum 322€ and you can find cheaper ones only in BLACK
sexy BUT i wanted the camel versionnnnn

well ... I' m ordering the camel ones!!!
found them at less than 200€
1/10 is ok LOL

Then i want these:

Monday, October 8, 2012

~business x3

Hello sweeties
~ Modeling
~ my clothing line
~ lizzie's point system and university

Queens in 21th century are supposed to work right??
i got my own vision on jobs , money and so ... only if you are very sensiitive and open minded you could get it
btw i dont like the marketplace view and dont think if u do a job the pay is a MUST ~
i think u will be rewarded in many ways in any case, not just with the money u think u must get in exchange

one of my dreams is going on a level i could live without worrying abt being paid ~

Now even if im evergreen , THEY SAY i'll be 25 in January and i never worked im happy with it cuz its the lifestyle that i chose and as Ninoshka says Princesses dont work ( and i add " to live")


yesterday i made a sexy photoshoot
since i decided to work as a model
but the pics are too sexy to show here!!
if anyone want to see them i can give u a zip file with a password as soon as they give me the pics , or share a folder on dropbox

i know im ugly but well i can take it with the " the important is they like it " philosophy LOL
One of my passions is selecting music for others so id love to be a DJ MODEL
i already got some links

id never work for another person and im against resumes/CV system ~ i could never go begging for a job
im not telling its stupid for everybody, just for me its kinda impossible
The ultimate decision its always mine
no other way , no options
the only thing i could do under another person is being model in Art schools or other artistical jobs like singer and so on


another project is my own clothing line but i need to plan it a bit more <3
i just have to do some business meeting and be positive ~ i can make it
found a local firm doing AGEJO style stockings so i can give them my designs to produce them ...
for the whole clothing line id love to have a partner at least to invest together

Since i was a kid i used to plan my own fashion magazine so im glad to be involved in GAL VIP ~ now ild love to run some smartphone and 2.0 apps/services better
Ill ask paul ~

The other day i came across lizzie's POINT SYSTEM and since i love lists and scheduling i ve been amazed by it

example :
done duty #1 25points
done duty #2 50 points
done duty #3 140 points

item/reward #1 200 points

~ i get the new circle lenses (200 points) if i study unit 10 of Japanese (25),, ecc

i could adapt it in my own way since i could never use this for regular activities
but well for special duties it would be niceee

so stay tuned !!