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Sunday, July 22, 2012


.... i'm sad and dont wanna write LOL
maybe i'll edit this or delete when i ll be better ihih

Monday, July 16, 2012


edit: i dont see this as ORA ORA KEI ... its more a ghetto barbie style LOL

hello babes!!!
i'm so happy lately.
i really love new sisters of GAL VIP!
they are the best
hardworkers, smart and skilful gorgeous ppl

this is todays outfit ... i really love the tee !! i think ill buy another one LOL
the back is very sexy but i cant take a decent picture of it sorry

ihih i put chains from my skull belt to shoes also ... its daaaaamn sexy

do u like me this way??
bye honeyssss!!!

ps: im posting from iphone Blogger app ... i hope its not that messy LOL

Friday, July 13, 2012

 : *゜*゜Y+゚゚+。YY゜*゜ :*´¨`*:..:*´¨`*:.☆ .+゜*☆*゜+.:.*.゚ ゚¨゚゚・*:..o○゚+    **+゚゚+。

REAL MARS pants 
d.i.a style tee with chains 
skull for belts 

today i received some new babies but i can't show u all my gets 
since tomorrow i gonna do the photoshoot for GAL VIP! magazine 
 and i want to use some of the new stuff 

... if u gonna see the mag ...if not i'll post the pics here anyway

>> i hadnt show u my last haul ( was like 11KG i guess )
I love biiig orders ** when for example i get a 17KG of gyaruness and spend all my day 
looking at the new stuff LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

my problem other than shipping costs LOL  is i had a giant bedroom i dont ;w;
so my closet is fat and the whole room messy 

 One thing i was a bit worried about were REAL MARS shorts....
i ordered size 24 thats the smallest ...
DAMN they fit perfectly <3 yahoooooo

 I'm eating healthy lately ....
in my meals less than 15% of the dish is meat and i feel way better 

I just add some meat so the dish is tastier and looks yummie 


i feel like going to the gym every*fucking*day &
get more active!!!
i've always been the fastest,the strongest
sooooo athletic <3 ihihi but i stopped doing sports

Now that i 'm 12+6+6 years old u,u 

i gotta restart 

Also want to study Ayurveda lifestyle and shiatsu massage 

I wanted to write more stuff  but i 'm tireddddd 

see you tomorrow ladies !!!!!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012


hello ladies!!!!
these days have been damn stressful :)
i realize i never get angry at all :O
i thought this but damn its true :D
I know it doesnt sound that good to someone's eyes but i'm happy with it

i think u should transform bad feelings in determination without acting like crazy

I got  very aggressive family members LOL but this made me patient and stronger than them all
so i kinda deal with it  <3

I saw i've been posted to Gyaru Secrets this week :O and its the first time i get a secret with a request in it and not dumb insults or compliments only SO THANKIE HONEY WHO MADE IT ^^

NOTE:The followings are not excuses ( for what??? LOL ) but i wanted to talk a bit and loved what you said so this entry is all yours :3 muah!!!
The main point is i feel gyaru from the bottom of my Heart not ''i want to improve SO today i do my makeup this way'' i feel gyaru when i m naked in front of the mirror as much as when i'm in full hime >,<
For me there's not a gerarchy... like i dunno an IMPROVEMENT MEME <3 i could never look at me saying ' here i was better than here'' cuz everyday i change as person and i feel compfortable and feel gyaru in any case 
its in my BREATHEEEEE <3 some ppl cant get this or think this is bullshit but at my funeral the dead person is me so I care about my way of feeling MY style 
and well ... i dont take pics everyday but i dressup daily.It's not that i take pics when i think my make is gorgeous or what^^ i take pics randomly when i feel like .
 i'm not i gorgeous Lhouraii( loveee heeerrrrr) that do always the same eye make .
 i change it everyday so maybe  this is an error cuz i dont look  perfect in any style i try... TO OTHERS
but i got my own standards and i dont go outside if i dont think i did a good job at least
tastes are different!! Cocona for someone is the eyemake Queen ...for someone else sucks at it
I 'm happy you told me cuz this is affetion ** as I said on gyaru-secrets i should restart buying makeup products  <3 when they are brand new i do a better job

 some days i'm not 100% satisfied with my make  but i'm still pretty so i dont really care

Another thing is i suck at taking picsand  my make never shows as it actually is.

 i love my natural lashes with mascara ** cuz  my eyes are way sexier that way  and the more natural my make is the more accurate it is( sometimes it takes more time also )

Now that i'm a model for GAL VIP i promise you and anybody who think my make sucks to work on it and put much effort on it if you think its a shame since i gotta do tutorials LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL >,<... always keeping in mind its my life and i love extreme as much as i love natural beauty

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I got tagged by this sexy latina gyaru owner of

You may be wondering, what exactly is the Liebster Award?
•   The Liebster Blog Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
•   The Meaning; Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.
The Rules:
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. Remember no tag backs!

11 Things About me:
  1. Once i was in a park and was a bit bored...there were  small kids aged mostly..i dunno 6yo drawing ????(i was like 14/15) LOOOOOLLL  i asked can i draw something too?they asked my name ... ok... then after like 15mins i hear a man on the mic tellin '' MARGARITAAAAA girl where u at you won the kids drawing contest with ur rabbit'' ....omg they expected a 5 years old girl but TADAAAAN me LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL everybody was at first ... i dunno with what courage i went to the stage LOL I AM BRAVE! they gave me a present hahahahahahaah and we took photos ahahahaha i was with 5 years olds children on a stage loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool NEVER DRAW WITH KIDS
  2. i dont take medicines <3 dont drink coffee
  3. my idols are Nikolaj Tesla,Bruce Lee,Thomas Sankara(Burkina Faso ex president) and other Great Souls that passed away
  4. I feel more gyaruness when i wear mascara without fake lashes :)
  5. I love my MIND and my HEART ....really <3
  6. i was up to die aged 13 and went blind but i,m a fighter ^^ best experience of my life suffering that way
  7. i dont judge ppl <3 if they do something bad  its always for a good reason...POSITIVE CHICK HERE
  8. I feel better  without  meat  but i WON'T never tag myself as vegetarian if i ever stop eating it NEVER
  9. I'm very sensitive and sensible <3 i love talking with my eyes and feel ppl emotions without talking
  10. i got 100000000000 interests and get fashinated but everything ...even i dunno water <3 love numerology, MATH,chemics,languages,kabbalah,PEOPLE,esoterism ,autism...
  11. i love making ppl laugh and laugh myself!!!! <3 there's nothing more powerful than a smile

  1. Why did you decide to start blogging? Cuz i believe a single word or a pic can change a readers life ...sharing is good <3
  2. What is your biggest inspiration and why? uhmmm Elizabeth the I <3 a strong and misterious Queen LOL
  3. If you could have an unlimited supply of something, what would it be? uhmmm books please!!!
  4. What would be the "soundtrack" or theme song to your life currently, and why? SINKING BOAT by Miss Platnum
  5. Your favorite sweet/candy? well as to sweets i'm so damn stricht!!! for me its pure ART and if a CREPE or a TIRAMISù is not perfect is shit ...btw i love also CAKES with cream and strawberries <3 I HATE CANDIES ..i think they are a mind tool for kids LOL
  6. If you could learn only one new thing, what would it be? i think i could change this answer every 936 seconds but now is HYPNOSIS
  7. What would you like to achieve in the future? i want to open my fancy store, launch my clothing line,keep on loving life  and learn as much as possible
  8. You're a superhero, what would your name be and why? WINDY LOLA LUCK <3 and invisible friend for children who feel lonely
  9. If you were given three wishes, what would they be? having my damn university finished by magic LOL, having the ability to talk with anybody and fly round the World looking at the skylines and landscape for some weeks
  10. What is the one piece of advice that has helped you along the way? dont divide....merge<3 
  11. What are your biggest influences?   LOL dunno

GAL VIP! first gaijin gyaru magazine debut soon

 : *゜*゜Y+゚゚+。YY゜*゜ :*´¨`*:..:*´¨`*:.☆ .+゜*☆*゜+.:.*.゚ ゚¨゚゚・*:..o○゚+    **+゚゚+。

heloooooooo important news!!!! 
i'm an official model for the first gaijin gyaru magazine

To my fellow Gyaru...

Ever since the Gyaru style has floated into our lives, we often come across many barriers in order to perfect our look. 

Being foreign, has always been our downfall in gaining the respect, admiration, and resources, we deserve.

To those of you who are tired of just looking at pictures...

To the countless Gals that sit there in ridicule, with Gyaru Secrets at your back, and pictographs at your front...

To those of you that want something made just for us... 

We hear you.

Today I am proud to officially announce the first ever Gaijin Gyaru Magazine, GAL VIP. Because every Gyaru is Important.

First let me introduce you to VIP's exclusive Gyaru Models:

Each Gyaru was selected for their overall credibility, popularity in the community, and their unique and personal style.

If you would like to get to know them a little better, stay tuned for their fully in-depth bios on VIP's website.
Are you a fan of the AV Gyaru?  Don't you wish that they had their own magazine? 

We are proud to debut the first ever AV-Kei column, where our writer Rinnie P. will show you how to rock the sexy style, that is AV-Kei.
Next, if you would like to join in on the fun, you can submit a photo of your coord/outfit or makeup to our official email address. Your picture will be posted on our VIP website for all to see, and the best ones will be in our premier issue, due for sale in September 2012!

Please Excuse the dust for the VIP website. We are still setting up lots of goodies for you all to enjoy. So check back often!

* :*´¨`*:..:*´¨`*:.☆ .+*☆*+.:.*.゚ ゚¨゚゚・*:..o○゚+
sum up:
by SEXY          

Sunday, July 1, 2012

小悪魔GAL QWEENA hime,meetups,red hair ...

: *゜*゜Y+゚゚+。YY゜*゜ :*´¨`*:..:*´¨`*:.☆ .+゜*☆*゜+.:.*.゚ ゚¨゚゚・*:..o○゚+    **+゚゚+。Y*  

omg i love this effect LOL

From 29th of June Nyakora Gals sis Ilenia and I  started hanging out with lovely Kayo Goto, 
a japanese girl who's traveling all over the World to meet gals of different countries. She's so beautiful and funny ~ 
Go check her  facebook ;) 
As u can see i tried a sorta full  
hime look on myself ~ i was happy to deco my ma*rs skirt like this 

but well ... i did the most stupid thing ever with glue  while decoing my nails (NOT ON PURPOSE) and totally ruined the skirt ;___; so now i gotta sew it and put pink lace to fix it or totally restyle it 
I havent got the pics of yesterday's meetup but i loved the outfit also <3 i was sick and wasnt wearing heavy makeup and lenses but i was gyaru in any case so it was good 
I'll post the other pics when i collect them all 
I finish showing you the look of some days ago and bla bla  <3

uhmm.... sorry for the hiatus!!
this is me some days ago ...
i went to Milan for some meets and to buy ramen 

i love my face here >,<
 top by MA*RS 
<@ the bottom
i had black lace shorts by ma*rs  and D.I.A belt + 14cm heels sandals

i dunno why but i forgot to take pics of the full look 

i was very very sexy >,< 
and everybody was very impressed by me 
in negative and positives ways as always

 extensions,half wig and ponytails all by Prisila 
color is TAY  

I don't know if keeping with the TAY color or starting buying Prisila in LIYE also 
i really love the golden look LIYE gives

i got problems with my nose ...if i dont contour it i dont like it in pics >>

i dunno if i ever showed you my hime deco stuff but i got many uh!!!
i should buy supplies to make my own!!!
but well now i'm a bit lazy...I got a lovely acrylic nails set and never started doing my nails 
i think its the heat!!!!!

Do you like this??? since my giant closet is blowing 
i ordered this and then put roses

also two other smaller ones and bought 30 of these to hang my gyaru babies

this is a strange moment in my life and i gotta make 
very  decisions for my future and so 

and for the project i'm thinking about i need PEACE
..peace i cant feel here where i am now 

...i gotta move away Asia but i also want to finish my university and
 dont wanna leave Italy for a whole year  

i dont want to escape from negative situations
OTHERS creates around me 
thinking i got problems and need their help 
i create my own reality , i can't see u 

fuck off i got a brilliant mind  so do ur business now  LOL

i gotta learn what EGOISM is cuz seems like i dunno :D
but ok...i'm way too good to reach this goal

For the moment i'll enjoy my holidays!!!
My family is killing me .... 
i cant stand it anymore <3 

<3 lets go back to cute stuff 

do u  like them???i ordered 3 pairs of such sandals 
real mars and other cue clothes 

when they reach me i'll show u guys <3 

i'm having a passion for skulls growing more and more tog with love for hime

lately i did shopping as usual and dyed my hair auburn red 

i used a full wig as half wig to match cuz i didnt buy extensions 


red is so damn sexy ...i feel like Jessica Rabbit and even without makeup i feel AGGRESSIVE 

but on thu i dyed it chocolate brown and tomorrow i gonna put my extensions on !!!
i'm so happy cu i miss my brunette head 

i need a head full of brownish and blonde tones to be happy ;___;
even if with red i feel really gorgeous!!!
i'd love to get a rihanna bright color one but 
my style is going to hime and rokku so i prefer 
other shades 


on early June we made a meetup <3 I had sooo much fun that day:3
i was so happy and couldnt stop laughing and tell stupid stuff as I love to do

these are two pics <3 
i love my eyes without fake lashes and lightest makeup

i think i'm very gyarulike even without make up LOL

me , Mia Somta and Kanan
i'm slutty as always LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL


POOL: wich one to get???
i cant decide ...

:*´¨`*:..:*´¨`*:.☆ .+*☆*+.:.*.゚ ゚¨゚゚・*:..o○゚+