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Sunday, August 14, 2011


: *゜*゜Y+゚゚+。YY゜*゜ :*´¨`*:..:*´¨`*:.☆ .+゜*☆*゜+.:.*.゚ ゚¨゚゚・*:..o○゚+    **+゚゚+。Y* :*´¨`*:..:*´¨`*:.☆ 
today's look

hotpants wirh purple pockets: LIP SERVICE
lace belt and pin: GOLDS INFINITY
belt #2:OFFBRAND
shoes: can't remember
[iphone decides itself what to do with colors?]

i'm not that happy about
the bottom part in the pics but 
is works ihihih 
not that ugly &amp;gt;&amp;gt;

i really like the make-up 

[now i prefer iphone pics quality to my PENTAX *^*]

since KOAKUMA/AGEJO x MA*RSxD.I.AxGOLDS gals are the best 
here are two new great koakuma gals blog 
i really like!!! no no
i LOVE!!!

[she is perfection]



both German like my beloved 


I want to go to Germany
it's my very favourite Place since i was 9 yo

.+*☆*+.:.*.゚ ゚¨゚゚・*:..o○゚+

by SEXY          


  1. OH MY GOD!♥
    i just love your outfit & of course your make up!!! i wish i could do it as well as you (><)

  2. YOU
    SEXY!!! >////<

    The second photo (the Iphone one) is breathtaking - you´ve got the body and style of a goddess! :´D
    Dammit, I wish I had your body. XD"

    Your make-up is gorgeous, and I so love the dramatic lower lashes! *__* (did you use a pair of upper lashes?)
    What diameter are your lenses? I don´t know why, but I feel like you´re usually using bigger ones? I love them on you anyways. x3

    My idol. :´D

    If you ever come to Germany, be sure to let me know, plz! I´d love to meet you! >///<

    Oh wow, creepy comment sounds creepy. Like a stalker. xD"

  3. @ みえーちゃん ; OMG i'm so happy you like it!! i really love you so this is so sweet!!!!please update your blog, you're gorgeous!!!
    German gals are the best >,< thankie

    @CHIRA; o well .... ahah my Soul chose a cute body yeah LOL ahah this year I hadnt lied under the Sun at all and my skin is more 'make-up' friendly ....i'm trying to do my best cuz I really suck at make-up >,< i like it but when i see the 100% perfect make of other gals --> ;____;

    the lashes are these ones yeah right!they are upper ones! i had bottom lashes but well i dont like them...i do prefer the Sakurina way!!i'll try DIAMOND lower ones used by COCONA btw As to the lenses they are 16MM ...i dont like 14<16mm ones...i like big ones!!!

    i love you you know i'd tell you!!i really miss Germany ;___; i want to comeee <3 and I'll do ihihhi

    nothing is creepier/stalker of the Year than my comment on your winning giveaway post XXDD

  4. oh wow your hair look so awesomee! and i love your make-up <33


  5. Eeee, since when do you suck at make-up?! O__o" I mean... really. xD"
    Your make-up is gorgeous, and you´re a lot more creative then a lot of other girls that are only following step-by-step tutorials on Ageha or somewhere. (aka = like me. lol)
    Plz keep on doing your own thing, I so love to watch your improvement with every post! You´re very inspiring to a lot of girls, I think - at least to me! >///<

    Haha, so my feeling about the lashes was right! x3 I tried to use upper lashes on my lower lid this weekend, too - but I ended up looking ridiculous since I didn´t apply enough eyeliner. ~__~" Next time I´ll do better. lol

    Oh god, you´re already wearing dia16?! O__O Dammit, your soul has got a fucking good taste for bodies. So lucky girl! xD
    I would look like this with a diameter of 16mm:

    Honey... this thought is on my mind since a couple of days... I´d so love to chat with you sometimes! Do you have a skype account, or google talk? Even just a Email addy would be enough for me! >///<

    Just viewed the comment on that giveaway.
    You´re the best! XD Thank youuuu~

  6. Giant comment is giant. O__O"
    Sorry for that! XD

  7. @ Jenni : omg thankie baby!!! you got the best lower lashes i've ever seen <3 kisss

    @CHIRA: well...i really can't follow tutorials. my brain has been made to auto-avoid-eliminate the 'copy from others' option xxDD well when i was a kid (till 22 years old LOL ) i hated dolphins and horses just cuz everybody seem to love them >> ahah and i hate French cuz here in Italy ppl dont think with their own brain and 90% say ''French is so romantic and sweet, German is so ride'' GIVE A FUCK PEOPLE! I hate French cuz I hate you all U,U <3 ahaha but well I really love all animals (even mosquitos)and all languages..i just hate people who follow others and sutomatically my brain can't really get inspiration that way. If i see a tuto well...i look at how pretty is the girl doing it but really cant copy her [ok i'll stop ]
    I dont like 15mm on me anymore. in 2010 I had 8 circle lenses pairs ... 16mm and well I think my eyes are cute. whit my 16mm ALL BLACK ones i look alien but with heavy black eye make it look natural.
    <3 is my email and MSN/LIVE account
    drqueenie1 is my #1 skype

  8. Margi, io ti parlo in italiano perchè non ho sbatti hihihi cmq volevo dirti che sei BONA.
    Tanto bona, ok? XD

  9. My god,you are SO gorgeous!The most perfect body ever!jealousy!!
    damn girl! :D

  10. @Cherry >3< muackk!!!

    @Vanity: oh thankieee

    @Gee Gee: nooooo why jelous!the important is the face imho...well i dunno if i'd say the same with a diff body uh >m<

  11. your make up is PERFECT! I love your style

  12. Your outfit is really cute !

  13. awww how cute!!!!!!! super sexy!!!!