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Sunday, October 2, 2011

outfits,nails,BETTY magazine ...bla bla

: *゜*゜Y+゚゚+。YY゜*゜ :*´¨`*:..:*´¨`*:.☆ .+゜*☆*゜+.:.*.゚ ゚¨゚゚・*:..o○゚+    **+゚゚+。Y

 Well i want to start this entry thanking 

she's one of those special people who give you a very positive energy
...i aint gonna tell why but THANK YOU PIN!!!!!

Yesterday I met my NYAKORA GALS sisters Jad & Nana
...this was my outfit

the skirt is GOLDS INFINITY ,also the bustier 
the top is AGEJO style random store and was actually a minidress
I always 'custo' this skirt and when I went out the skirt 
was like in the first pic,not as in the second one
this is eyecandy u,u

TODAY 2nd of October [HAPPY BDAY to ZHI-ZHI!!!]

we had to meet and go to Brescia ...and I had to do gel deco nails done but well
the girl of that gyaru store left so NOTHING DONE
...and my natural nails BROKE UP ;A;
I really want something like this
very long,squared tips but very thin

the only tips I got now are the COCONA's like 9cm ones and
I don't feel like starting university (tomorrow is my 1st day) with 9cm nails LOL

bonus pic: the ones on the left are 10/10
extreme but so sweet *^* uh???
my dreams nails

this is a random-boring look of an afternoon of late september

in October's issue of BETTY AGEHA there's DIANE
with the same coord [haters gonna hate ]

 she's lovely!!i wish her the best luck u,u fuck u up haters
i'm not telling she's a saint (who is...u full of hate person?? funny joke!!)
since i'm into this topic 
Sept issue of BETTY came in some days ago ....

the DVD was funny LOL the girl on the cover makes
'faces' while doing her strange is that girl???
i'm mental too u,u 

the best of BETTY gals is the 'fantasy' and originality in their make-up
really...I'll up the two BETTY dvds I own on youtube ok??

the girl's are OVER photoshopped °°
looking at the dvd on TV is ok cuz of the distance...but on a PC is shocking!!
..... ;P ....

 uhhh my dress!!!in diff color u,u

I aint order or buy anything online except a lovely necklace with a key &
  a checked white x black wintaa miniskirt [@TALLY WEIJL]I want to use with my new 
yumetenbo boots w/ heart shaped heel I'm waiting for
i ordered the BLACK B cuz I had thigh highs like that and I lost them
i miss white lace on top *^* it's so MAID even if i dont like meido clothing

This is rare but it's official!! It seems like I took a decent pic of my make??!!
OMG Life on this planet is over?! lol

this is creepy but well It's just a strange angle shot ladies!!!

I love GREEN karakon !!
i won a pair of GEO XTRA FLOWER as giveaway prize 
and i chose the LOTUS ones 
[pic from a random shoppe uh]
they're better on lighter eyes I think but I want to give a try
Sara Mari did a review

 a pic of the hairstyle I'm doing these sunny  fall days ^^

today in the night I wanted to  style my platinum wig like this 
but i'm SICK



i love the zebra ones

this on YAYO is actually a D.I.A


* :*´¨`*:..:*´¨`*:.☆ .+*☆*+.:.*.゚ ゚¨゚゚・*:..o○゚+
sum up:
by SEXY          


  1. started uni, i thought you were finishing!? whats the story? how are you these days, feel better about stuff? well, if you're happy doing what youre doing, i must leave u too it!!!!

    Im flying Delhi -Paris 12 october and then, i am going to book a beautifull studio with a very large terrace in Athens city until the end of october. The space will be appreciated!!!

  2. last year babe!!!!!!!!!! aahhhh at this moment i'm up to start the HINDI lesson YAY coincidence !! i'm quite 'envy' ....

  3. so many languages in india. here is very rural place, each village has its own language. many villages with no road. very steep mystical river valley here with little wodden bridges, romantico in a way to have no roads, i like.


  5. anyway im sure youre too busy ******* your brains *** to care!

  6. I really like your style! Your outfits are always so cute! Where did you get the brown hair from? It looks really cool! :)

  7. Well Yann i'm able to cover my body you know that??and I love flat sandals u,u
    indian fashion is lovely and feminine

    the extensions are made by PRISILA

  8. Drama Queen par excelance. mama mia!

  9. there isn't much fashion in india, but you could probably get a role in bollywood easily, and it would suit you.

    I'm thinking to build a cute house beside the small river ( where my friend lives ) , because its soooo cheap and lovely here.

  10. lol i deleted some of the comments cuz WTF are u writing here Yann???

    i'm not a drama queen u,u you're so sensitive Yann so I'm 110% sure you u don't think that actually so's worthless tellin me what i'm not
    I feel so happy and Alive <3 just want to hug not make drama.
    maybe the point is I never think that much about what i've done cuz for me the cause=fact doesnt's like i only see a light in front of me and observe my body acting as a viewer sometimes

  11. many contradictions and paradoxes!

    im totally lost for words with you, i think its really sad this story! i don't like it!

    in sensitivity can be found real strength.

  12. " the problem is at a different vibrational frequency to the solution "!!!!! THAT is my main point!

    I can only accept where you are at and what you're willing to feel. doesnt mean i share youre optimism or perspective!!!! I have the right to a different perspective as much as you do!

  13. i find you simultaniously brave and weak! and so frustrating!!!!!!!!! i know you can be wonderful, but so far, i aint got nothing wonderful from you .. sniff sniff ! dont you feel it!?

    im really fed up from this! LOL ! and thats perfectly natural!

  14. also its not so much an expectation, as in you owe me something as a seperate individual. it feels more like just a natural extension of feeling. so i feel that being cut, and that is what saddens me, because there seems to be so much potential for beauty in that connection. it feels almost like it is ONE , that energy which is shared, it is not seperate!!!

  15. also, why do you care what i think? why do you care ? i have these thoughts about you because of the particularly uncomfortable situation i find myself in with you etc. a situation i feel is very unrepresentative of the bigger fuller picture. i can hear you crying out silently - but you're too afraid to voice your feelings. its a sticky situation, i do appreciate that! its a situation which i should just forget about .... but i hear this voice in you that wants more from me ... is it my voice ... or is it our voice? it frustrating not to be able to explore that. but what to do, C'est La Vie !!!!

    your choices will take you into your own learning experiences and mine too!

  16. i think after all this talk of liberty and freedom from you, that basically, you are like most people, you are also more interested in what your friends think than what you feel yourself.

    actions speak louder than words, and youre actions are speaking.

  17. finally dear, its not about trying to place a blame, make someone feel guilty! it is about awareness, being conscious, not in a rational sense of being polite or thinking about another, but in the sense of simply being conscious that someone elses energy is involved, someone elses life and awareness! think about this before you go chasing rabbits your afraid to really catch! just my influence has brought an increase inconsciousness that has allready transformed your relationship! thats what awareness does, it transforms a situation from the inside out, awareness, being really conscious, within whatever we are doing is what brings real beauty into it, and makes it special! we all have stories we like to repeat unconsciously, and being the centre of attention is a big one for you, dont deny it baby! denial is clearly something youve a history with, i see it in you a lot! but hey, no ones perfect, and youre young! so i wont twist your artm about it, just try to bring a little more consciousness!

    im sorry if i offend you, i dont know rigaz, im sure he has good qualities, most people do, however i feel something really unconscious and heavy with him, and as you k now, i am very perceptive! and this is exactly the kind of low consciousness level scenario i want to avoid! i hope you can respect that from me, i am very very aware ( which is a better word than sensitive ) about who i engage with and the energies coming from them! i sense such aggression, anger, rivalry, bitterness with that boy, which is exactly the kind of macho bullshit i want to avoid, but something in you seems to like that energy!? hey, that kind of shit is one reason i often avoid too much highmaintenance, really beautiful women! cos its allways so much stress, there is allways so much competitive male energy around that, that it really ends up spoiling any fun that might be had a lot of the time!!!! i really just dont have time for that kind of bullshit!!!!!!

  18. hi cutie♥
    I want to say big thanks for your cute comment!
    Its true, I did it for my boyfriend because he is living in chiba but!! also "smaller" cities in japan are fun!! but there people look more at you than in tokyo haha but im ok with it><
    of course i missed tokyo but chiba is nice too!!
    have you been there too?^^

    oh! i posted some pictures of yokohama for you! hope you like them♥ e next time i have to make more pictures (T T)

    take care beauty~

  19. oh and i forgot to say that i love your style!!
    its so sexy><
    i wish i could wear clothes like this tooo....i dont even have such cool clothes T T HOPE YOU POST NEW PICTURES SOOn!!

  20. hi~ u look gorgeous! love ur dress n those pink x black stripe nails! i want them too! XD

  21. infact she never been japan or anywhere else much apart from dom rep and italy!!!!

    and who is Yann btw?

    yeah, in tokyo no one cares who you are!!!

  22. you like japanese fashion cos you can buy it on other peoples credit cards!? without fear of being caught for your hacking?

  23. In case you forgot, number 2 is actually number 1!! LOL

  24. and I do mean what I said about you, your the kind of person i could never live with, cos you're really fucking twisted in the head, and all this hacking bullshit etc just goes to show that! its really not about hating, its really just about being honest about how you make me feel! as i said before, i wish rigaz good luck to be with a women like you, cos as i said before you tried to seduce me, your really just gone down the wrong path in life, that is my honest feeling and expeerience of you! yeah, when you shove your tits in my fac and show me cellphone clips of your nakedd boobs it turns me on, WTF do you expect bitch ****! GET REAL!