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Saturday, June 8, 2013

82.the LOVE post : drama llama, MOTIVATION and LOVE vol.1

i was up to make a post about DRAMA yesterday ,but as yoummight know i am a no drama lover person <3i said  I'll only list some points so you know what a think 
iended up making a long post with interviews to my friends telling what they think are the issues or their ideas  on black gyaru

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: i'm a person who loves LOVE and loves LIFE . Anything, but i say ANYTHING I say comes  from my Heart first. If i tell you FUCK OFF i'm sorry but im not hating you at all. I'm just doing what i gotta do in that moment. So you gotta read all this with that in mind ^^ strong aggressive  speech is just a mean , not my nature. 

A FIRM and MOTIVATE  HAND SLAPS WAY BETTER THAN A NERVOUS AND ANGRY ONE. they both slap your face , but one is usefull,the other is empty and meaningless. ok??
soooo let's start with

This post is just to show that a quick ''YOU ARE RACIST'' reply is the exact mirroring to a stupid statement . This doesnt mean you reply like that cuz the think they said was stupid, im saying its stupid itself.



First of all i gonna say i think this is a typical AMERICAN problem and for me is middleage but ok...let's begin!!!
- I interviewed 5 gyaru friends i consider good at gyaru and  smart enough to reply in a useful way.
- this to show you people can explain in a logical way what you call racism but is just a feeling you give them

 this is the result . read carefully .

the points are :
1. what do you think about black (wannabe) gyaru ?
2.what makes you tag them (eventually)? i mean ...its a physical thing or its mostly attitude???
3. weak point?

f#1 said:   their problem is they pretend to be black before being gyaru.So they want to rock their afro, and pretend to be accepted as they are without putting much effort on it .

f#2.said :
1) i consider  them at the same level of others gaijin ,gyaru  is not a color matter

2) Physical appearance ''it's obvious ''indeed, LOL but they got this ''ghettoize/tag'' anything ,even gyaru obviously, bad habit . So they got black gyaru groups, black gyaru hanging out mostly with other black gyaru  ecc It's not always like that but it's a visible trend. MOSTLY NOTICEABLE BETWEEN AMERICAN GALS imho

3) Sometimes they try too hard to add that ''black afro pride'' in gyaru style. Or in a better way: sometimes they mix up or confuse this with gyaru!!So maybe they go out looking like mamasitas telling out ''im a oraora bgyaru''!As i previously said they are all different, as Caucasian gyaru are not all quite the same ,chinese neither ecc Shameless people 's everywhere,

You know Mag? you being a grown up in Italy Dominican feel you are black but not as much 'afro'as american gals ( or well i think you consider yourself Caribbean or Latina). They are pure concernment cuz the see racism EVERYWHERE .I was already thinking about that today and really couldn't get why they feel that way even for very small things. As if everyone is a nazi with the ''BLACK gotta die'' tag. There are so many cliqué on italians , but i dont feel armed by such all and dont get offended when people picture ours as a place where people spend the time eating pizza and playing mandolino.I'm not like that and italians i know either are. If you get offended you admit 1. that you are like that 2.that fact really exist or is a issue. I don't feel like accusing other of being racist for that , also because in XXI century we got everybody a connection and a education , so it's natural that most of the people knows the true.
For black gals is like that , they PRETEND to apply their current self to gyaru , put on a pair or lashes and CL and BOOM , done. If you tell them it's not like that they play the RACISM card, that they can't fully follow the japanese style cuz of their features . I'm caucasian and i dont feel in a better situation at all! I dont have delicate face features and it took time adapting gyaru makeup to my face shape. My hair is naturally curly (in a different way fro afro texture but still curly)  and its hurtful for me having to deal with flat iron and then curl it back in a different curl ...and they will never turn out perfect either so..

But i try hard to make it possible even if i'll never look like a tiny japanese magazine model.
In the black gal community i see 99% of the gals don't improve , don't try hard enough or complain all the time. Being gyaru is hard work for every non-asian ._.,but its a style that need dedication and if you are not ready to that they should forget about being gyaru

f#4 said its not a color related issue but its more a behavior. It's like in some places gals got a way more aggressive vision of everything so basically its a common attitude that cause problems.

f#5 1. I basically don't make a difference between any gyaru - no matter which race or size they are, or the country they're coming from. But I do admire black Gyaru especially for customizing the make-up to their needs, to perfectly match and be easily recognized as Gyaru It's very inspiring!

2. Very depending! I mostly tag Gals that are inspiring me, Gal's that are very creative with their take on Gyaru fashion. But I do as well tag them for their attitude, just like you - I love how you always see the positive things in life (law of attraction), but I already told you that million times.

3. Weak points... everybody has them, also outside of Gyaru. Every honest beeing will agree with that, its just natural and normal. Nobody is perfect, so I don't understand all the drama about "OMG your lashes are upside down" and shit. lol

My 2 cents 
I quote everything my friends said <3 I find all damn true and also very usuful.
all these black gyaru wannabes shouting everywhere RACIST RACIST RACIST are racist against their selves first so imho they should shut up and forget about their skintone for a fucking minute in their lives. NOBODY CARE HONEY OK? If you suck , you suck! that's the point in gyaru. who cares if you are blue or green?? the message is you suck.
'' you are a ugly black gyaru'' = this is a personal offense, not related to your natural features ^^ u just suck in their opinion as a gyaru and you are black ,,,Using color in senstences is allowed LOL
''you black gyaru are ugly'' =Here they are trying to bring you down on a thing that you can do right only with your skills (gyaru) using a natural feat as a offense.
what do they have in common?? BOTH say you suck at gyaru so i'd focus on that ,rather than on the black word.
case : 10 black gyaru, 4 are gorgeous gals and 6 suck. the normal person would see only the gorgies, ignore or doing his business ...not seeing the ratio 4/10 good vs 6/10 not good <3 but everybody see what he can see so there will be the case of the person thinking 60% suck (so its the majority) . for that person he is telling a legit fact he is seeing. try not to be in that category and stop it without victimism ~ we are not in Quentin's DJANGO. so racist or not the thing he is saying can be seen by both a racist and a nonracist.
So why not focusing on the meaning this quite rude person is telling you instead of saying a useless ''u racist?'' Please can you do that for me???
You should think he is helping you improve , motivating you to prove him wrong or better prove yourself wrong ( cuz if you feel down is cuz u think u suck LOL )
if you costantly FIGHT to be tagged as BLACK GYARU then its fucking obvious you will be tagged and if for real the main part of the group u are so happy to belong to is not good at gyaru , YOU GONNA KEEP ON READING SUCH STATEMENTS.
if you see you belongs to your black roots before belonging to gyaru TALKING ABT GYARU, then dont complain if ppl dont see you as part of it and start seeing only your skintone. so if you suck or many black girls suck then they will think most of black gals suck and are obsessed by their ethinicity. This might sound rude but it's what i see...if u want to represent a closed category and you are not a hard worker the whole group is gonna be tagged . So basically the points are ;
-being too black oriented while we are talking about GYARU
-non being good enough but still trying to ''represent''something.
in both cases you are remarking two VISIBLE things (cuz i'm sorry but both skintone and style is visible!!!) building a cliqué based on a very basic thing.
Black gals OBSESSED by race are the worst >> I laugh hard on anons on G_S listinne ag fucked up pointless PSYCHOLOGY studies
coloblind is racist, you are racist .... gtf
First , if you dont want to be crit cuz of your skintone stop remarking it. is tjis difficult??
GAL IS dont have to constantly go all over saying you are black >> is it a news? no, so who cares if you are black or blue?
in gal there is GOOD GAL, BAD GAL <3 i'm saying that taste is taste and YOU RECEIVE WHAT YOU GIVE , Always honey!
if you read " black gyaru looks like trannies" is just trolling cuz every girl got a different shape . And you instead of ignoring stupid trolls GO FIGHT FOR YOUR RACE! lol ok ... go fight, go go
if you read " black gyaru are or super gorgeous, or suck hard" ...tell me where is the racism here? if the majority is lazy or do it wrong deal with something...DONT PLAY THE VICTIM. you are not! cuz the person is saying that many are supergorgeous and many are superlazy asses. Maybe it's sad but maybe its true ^^ its full of very arrogant black girls acting in a rude way. we dont fucking care , but im tired of this word RACISM all over
you are racist in a neutral way when you believe races exists ~ you are racist in a bad way when you remark too much the differences you think ppl got .



  1. Well the racism accusations usually comes when the comments of G_S are actually racist. It doesn't always happen. But last week a lot of the Black gyaru community were pretty much shit on for no reason. Being Black in America is hard, we're are dogged on for being natural and dogged on for not being natural. So a majority of the time it's as if we can't win. The black gyaru community have their own problems and spats over sometimes ridiculous things. Some New Gals can't handle criticisms very well and sometimes that doesn't help. The older Gals may come off as harsh because of how people interpret the text. And sometimes they are a little tough. But you have to be positive as well as have a tough skin no matter what community they're in. It irks me to know end to see black gals get trashed whether they're just starting out or they've been in the community for awhile. Sometimes people are just that racist and have nothing better to do and to those who aren't American they may not understand the reason some black gyaru get up in arms about some things.

  2. How are black gals suppose to just ignore the skin difference if others don't. I'm not gyaru, but I follow a lot of them. I like being ulzzang instead, which is a HUGE difference, because I'm darker skinned and when I first started everywhere I searched said being ulzzang meant having bright, clear, beautiful skin. Now I see do many Black, Mexican, Chinese, whichever Ulzzang! The problem is, even if gals tried to just be gyaru and enjoy it and not focus so much on their skin other people still say things like, "all black gyaru are ugly/trash/shit, whatever!" or "You are such an ugly black gyaru." Why can't they just be an ugly gyaru? I admit that it can sometimes seem like a lot of black gals pull the racist card for any little offense, but a lot of what people say about them is racist, because those people are focusing on their skin colour and singling them out for that! Also another thing is I think it is harder for black gals(mainly in America, since that is where I am) to try to dress gyaru, because they are constantly called ghetto or ratchet. In America if someone sees a black gal with pink/white/bleu or any colour hair but black/brown and she's wearing shorts with chains, a T-shirt with rips in the back or a bustier they instantly call or ghetto, trashy, ratchet or a slut/hoe, whatever. It's not as easy as just dressing as you like and enjoying it, because there are assholes who love to judge you, but they do judge everyone. It's just more prominent against minorities. I think people should just do what they want and ignore the negative comments, because someone will always dislike you and judge you.

  3. I'm not gal, but I love it and read many blogs. I must say that this is kind of a sad post. I'm American, I understand that you are not, so it's hard for someone that isn't to understand how it is being Black American and living in the world. It's freaking hard. You won't understand that when you put someones race in front of something that describes them, it is racist and offensive. Not matter what the race is.

    I know different cultures have their own views on race and racial interactions. I get it. But no one should tell a Black American how they should feel about how they are being treated or spoken of. Unless it's like super ridiculous. Even then...

    You really gotta live here and be born American to understand it.

  4. Well, if when a person says "black gyaru sucks" and it has nothing whatsoever to do with race, why are they even stating you're black? What's the point? Why can't it just be your a "bad gyaru"!? Obviously, there is a factor of race being played, so yes, it's a racist statement! lol Also, in what you say in this post it doesn't sound like your at all are trying to understand Black American gyarus, but instead just bashing them. If you want to make a good argument, you may disagree, but you have to be willing to understand the arguer point and empathize, which you are not doing, or well enough, apparently. Just a food for thought there. Good luck to you.

  5. Wow, awesome post!
    I personally think that being naturally black and chosing to be gyaru is very brave. Not only because of accusations, but simply because it's very hard to pull off the look that is developed and adjusted for japanese girls who generally look very very different. It's hard for white girls too, mind the black girls! And I still find some black gyaru who are much more better looking than white gyarus, and some that managed to keep the essentials of the style (the attitude) far better than white gals. Hell, some are better than asian girls! And it's simple, you either got it or you don't, and you either want to work on yourself and improve or you don't.
    When I've first got into the style, quite a few years back, and wasn't aware of the gaijin gyaru community at all, I just couldn't imagine a black girl being a good gyaru. And these days I've proven to have been so wrong back then :)

    Btw wouln't it be interesting to do a question about being a gaijin gyaru in general? As in, we all know that gyaru as a style was invented because japanese girls wanted to look like european/american girls, so what's the point of european and american girls wanting to look like themselves by copying japanese girls that copy them? If you understand what I mean. I think it's a very interesting subject and I've been thinking about that a lot lately :)