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Saturday, July 23, 2011

мє gαℓ♕qωєєиα' є∂ιтє∂ ωιтн тяαиѕℓαтισиѕ

: *゜*゜Y+゚゚+。YY゜*゜ :*´¨`*:..:*´¨`*:.☆ .+゜*☆*゜+.:.*.゚ ゚¨゚゚・*:..o○゚+    **+゚゚+。Y* :*´¨`*:..:*´¨`*:.☆ 
these are some WEIBO updates
WEIBO is THE social network !!!
I love microblogging about random stuff
but I find twitter very boring and not cute

 WEIBO is a 1000 times better twitter + FB

is full of China/Taiwan/HK gals and I add gyaru only <3 

There  I got my ma*rs style home full of pics of chinese gyaru 
that up their daily  make-up from the Iphone,show tutorials,
show their purchased stuff,,,,

知っている!このような理由から私はあなたを追加しました。私はGALBLOのウェブサイトにあった。ここに来たので、多くGALBLOの女の子がWEIBOを持って見た。 私は中国のギャルが大好きで、 中国語でギャルとショッピングについて書いて本当に好きだ。

x I write in Chinese + Japanese in my entries <3 

it's very famous and important and not used by chinese only
( NBA players ,Bill Gates,Tom Cruise etc uses it) 
the Iphone/ android app has ENGLISH also and they say there
will be an ENGLISH version very soon

 this is my profile :

my ID is GALqweena cause from now on 
you can see  ∂я.qυєєиιє , qυєєиιє ι¢нιgσ or gαℓqωєєиα' as signature

so here are my updates in Mandarin and Japanese

*ℓσνє мαкιи'gιfѕ*

买了这些下睫毛和其他的 <3 DIAMOND LASH“甜眼”很可爱!!  自分の買ったDIAMOND LASH''甘い目の・スイ-トeye''のまつげがかわいくてSEXY!ココナも愛したのまつげ!強めギャルメイク

translation  for U:  
CN part: I bought these lower lashes and other ones <3 DIAMON LASH ''sweet eye'' is cute!! JP part:The eyelash DIAMOND LASH sweet eye that I just bought are so cute and sexy. Also COCONA loves these lashes! TSUYOME gyaru  make up! 
 7月22日 19:38
。 age嬢gαℓ♕qωєєиα' 真的很喜欢MA*RS,梦展望GLA&GOLDS~INFINITY , o(╥﹏╥)o但恨‘楽天”rakuten!!→ ❤ → 爱x{ 淘宝, MBOK.JP 和SHOPPIES.JP }=。。◕‿◕。是♡黒小恶魔GAL的♡天堂/梦

translation   for U:  CN: 。 age嬢gαℓ♕qωєєиα'[me] really loves ma*rs,Yumetenbo Glamour and GOLDS INFINITY , o(╥﹏╥)obut hates RAKUTEN !!→ ❤ → LOVE x {TAOBAO,MBOK.JP and SHOPPIES.JP =。。◕‿◕。is ♡black KOAKUMA GAL PARADISE/dream



7月22日 22:39   
@梦展望 前几天我下令在这些玫瑰珍珠花边的白色高跟凉鞋,您的淘宝店铺和航运是非常快的!他们来到我的购物代理的房子CHOOBUY[我住在意大利]。我也买了这些公主凉鞋 ,他们也到了非常快的。。谢谢!
translation   for U:  CN: @YUMETENBO A few days ago I ordered these roses+lace+pearls white high-heeled sandals. Your Taobao store and the shipping are very fast! They came to my  shopping agent CHOOBUY house already [I live in Italy]. I also bought the princess sandals, they also came  so fast. . Thank you!

7月22日 14:28
我爱日女AVギャルCOCONA 。她的眼睛化妆更是别出心裁,独一无二的!❤我不知道,如果她是著名的在中国也!在美国和欧洲的GAL社会,她是很心爱的。★
她的博客⇨ by ♚Qweena
translation   for U:  CN: I love japanese AVGAL COCONA. Her eyemake is original and unique !❤  I dunno ...Is she popular also in China??In WESTERN GAL community is beloved. ★


7月22日 13:27
朋友你好!我住在意大利 我喜欢 {ギャル・}日GAL系 的时尚。
我学习汉语 日语和韩语在 米兰大学。 亲吻
translation   for U:  CN: Hello buddies!!I live in Italy,I like GYARU styles. I study Japanese,Mandarin and Korean at Milan University. KISSES 


.+*☆*+.:.*.゚ ゚¨゚゚・*:..o○゚+
sum up:join me there on WEIBO

by SEXY          

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  1. Hey Honey, I have a blog award for you ♥
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    I love your combination of princessy skirt and shoes with the sexy garter belt! *__*