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Sunday, April 1, 2012

back!! pics heavy

Hello everyone! it's
  Seriously...I ain't update this blog for ages, but I decided to restart  ....
Yesterday I met up with my Nyakora Gals sis Jay and Nanà
  me and Jadi
me and Jay (Nanà was trying on a 'one*spo like' polka dots dress
ma*rs on my body,  one*spo on my legs & My Melody and Golds Infinity bags

I'm really happy with my hairstyles lately   this waas at Burger King
note: I HATE SUCH PLACES but i was in a 'I NEED CHICKEN WINGS IN MY LIFE' status
do you like the hair??? i cut/styled this wig on Friday morning ....

love my nightsuit
( an indian friend told me pijama is the bottom part only so this is not a pijama right???)

one thing I love about it is the fact it's damn light ,full but still transpirant
there were about 34°C yesterday (uh ) and I was fresh  
I'll get one in black also i think ....

I gotta remember to makeup heavily while i wear it or my face will look so 'puppy'
Men were horny as hell   ( as always) and women hated me or were obsessed(kinda sexually) as usual

I was writing I 'm in love with my hair lately .. .I mean both with my own hair than with hair pieces

I feel so beautiful here .....

I bought a new smartphone and as a supergeek I had fun cracking it
Now I use both  mobiles and love theeeem


  1. Of course Women hate you! They can't see the beauty! I personally love you Chu! Love your hair!

    1. @LOLO: failing women ;____; poor them
      thankie !! you're always so sweet

  2. Your hair and outfits look AMAZING! *O*

    1. @(E)Liz : ** how sweet you are... Goddesses love other Goddesses (sounds dumb LOL ???!!!!)

  3. woaa look like a goddess ~~~
    you r so HOT sis !!

    1. @(E)Liz : ** how sweet you are... Goddesses love other Goddesses (sounds dumb LOL ???!!!!)

  4. I love your gradient hair! *___* ~ ♥
    You're awesome as always!

    Other girls jealousy is sometimes the best compliment. ;)

    1. @Chira: ihihih i'm fine with it!!! and i m used to the jelousy of my own mother so (now it's not likethat anymore btw!!! <3 ).... ahahah sometimes on the train women sitting in front of me change place as they see my naked legs of breast. Whats your f**** problem with YOUR legs ladies???

    2. Whut, they change places?! <.< How did you react on that?
      If I was sitting in front of you, I would start drooling. xD ~ And ask you for a photo for sure!

      Woman can be so bullheaded! If I see a girl with a great style, I rather take her as an inspiration then be jealous of her! <.<

    3. they can't understand we are all the same thing and hating others is just hurting theirselves <,< aber ...