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Monday, April 23, 2012

小悪魔 xoxo , PICS HEAVYYYY

: *゜*゜Y+゚゚+。YY゜*゜ :*´¨`*:..:*´¨`*:.☆ .+゜*☆*゜+.:.*.゚ ゚¨゚゚・*:..o○゚+    **+゚゚+。Y* :*´¨`*:..:*´¨`*:.☆ 
 Hello cuties!!!!

aaaa sorry for the hiatus .... I'm addicted to twitter and  forgot about bloggie!/queenieichigo

I dunno what is happening...maybe I got too many clothes or what
but  I'M SAVING MONEY!!! this is not possible ...
I spent 250E on online shopping & GOT more than 100 left
.... I HAVEN'T SPENT them all on stuff ???!!!!!!

aaaa what is fucking happening ;____; it's cuz is 2012?! i gotta buy food and live underwater ???
someone tell me what is happening to meeee

it's not possible spending 250 out of 350 only ... well i'm not used to this

thesis/theory #1:
ahaha maybe cuz I have to pay almost 3000 Euro for my University taxes in May >>  
my brain want to save up...ok ....

ok dear brain...i can wait till wed, then i'll spend them all LOL

on ma*rs/hime accessories & these 'timberland' alikes


I had shopping as always but won't show u the stuff till they come

Last week my MA*RS skirt came in the mailbox

I remember I wanted this skirt so BAAAD some months ago
Now i got it!!! well now it's spam time

since I love my legs I took these photos

the boots are by DIABLE BAISER @ YumeTenbo....
I bought them last year in L/eu38 but the right foot after some hours started hurting
so I sent them as a present to lovely Anki Azusa  <3 look at her w them on

then I ordered another pair in LL but damn >> they are a bit large on my thin feet

 i gotta use insoles cuz i dun wanna wear socks

As to hair and makeup here are some pics

I really enjoy styling my hair...I cant undestand those  GAL wannabe that act lazy and don't give a try

When I take off my wigs I 'restore' them cuz i want to keep them clean adn well stored
 redo the hairstyle next time ....PS:  And I dont use hairspray or any  mousses :)

Look at this example ...

it's the same wiggy <3 after and b4 the huge hime style there's always
  THIS   it's cute uh? I've never used it the 'plain' way but i could cuz it's so qte

the most stupid expressions in the whole history of silly faces i was looking at Heaven's golden gates with flowers LOL

About 10+ days ago I received a parcel from Japan ...
FINALLY!!! As i said on twitter ...

ウェッブ渋谷109店とモバオクで買ったギャル系品物をぐずぐず届けたが、あたしは郵便局員に税金を支払わなければならなかった!!!꒰◍'౪`◍꒱۶✧˖°マギー先生は、すごいだね~ お金お金お金\(//∇//)\

大阪からイタリアまで③/⑦日間の長いEMSは、33ドルほど Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ それから、イタリアで23ユーロ税金を払った。いっぱいお買い物10500円+33ドル+23ユーロした !(◎_◎;)しかし、それは私がお金を気にしないので問題はありません。

I love the pink sets !!! I can make a micro review about the 1st and the 3rd ones :

1st ones- headtooth - I took them off after 2 hours cuz they were damn uncomfortable.
this only cuz i dont like putting the nails on the whole natural  nail as the model does
3rd ones- pink with gems - i wore them for more than 2 days and they were PERFECT
i could type fast, do make.up, taking off circles ....
and cook <3 VERY COMFTY!!!
(i love eating and cooking)

I wore them as I usually do on the tips and i really did enjoy them !!
when i took them off i couldnt type anymore without them LOOOOL

PPL on the street loved them <3 at least .... MEN loved them LOL
(100% sure they were thinking about COCONA style  handjobs )

i decoed them a bit more to merge my own nails better

<3 Now I show you my brown hair
ahahah or u could think i'm a blonde bombshell

I love my moth and eyes here <3

that day a woman (about 45 yo) with kids wanted
to bring me home w her ''to have fun''??!!
I'm open minded ok...but i had to run away VERY FAST

she was CREEPY and was eatig me with her eyes so deeply ...
it's kinda impossible to scare me but she did

(as u can see no cute icons here cuz it was actually scary)

I was wearing a  MA*RS dress i got in Feb ,yumetenbo sandals and GOLDS inf. bag + hat

here i was gettin readyyyyy

ihihihihi9hi I'M TIREEEEDDDDD
this post is way too long

i end up CROOZ talk ...i decided to start posting on CODENOTE.JP
i got outfits in the queue that are dated Nov 11 but forget about them >,<
i started  following RISA 's blog in addition to her codenote profile 
(she's the girl with THE PERFECT BODY and carpet with roses) and find out she has a damn pretty face also **  she's a nailist,deco artist and kyabajo

She loves My Melody as me <3 ahaha EVERYBODY love My Mero LOL

 d.i.a gal MANAMI

She's always been a fucking perfect 96(kuro) GAL
 but now she decided to switch and become a 46 (shiro) onee


in the new pics she got tanned legs but white face already

I'm done for todayy

by SEXY          


  1. te l'ho già detto che ti amo coi capelli castani boccolosi?°ç°

    1. uuuu grazie patatina !!! <3
      non me l avevi detto credo?? va beh mi dici sempre che sn bella perciò indirettamente si??!!!

      kissone gigantesco

  2. Wooowowoowowwww it was a pics heavy entry for real!! *o* But I love iiiiiit~~~
    OMG, your purchases *.* hahahahah you're lucky if you control yourself enough to have 100€ left even by mistake xD I wish I could do it e__e
    The mail man came in today and I had to pay taxes too :( 50 usd x_X wtf... fucking Tenso and "EMS only" policy ¬¬ it was all yumetenbo clothing but bleh~

    As I said via twitter (I'm @SelfishxRomance) I do love your style, grrrrrl, you certainly rock it! ♥ And pleaaaaase, do a tutorial on wigs styling, I'm VERY interested and I think other girls in the latin american gal community are too! *o*

    xoxo ;3

    1. ihihi I spent the 100 euro the day after this post but now i got other 101 to spend on clothes ** <3

      CUSTOMS SUCK ahahha once i received two packs from Japan at the same moment. the postman gave me both ... 5kg each , 1st was CELGA and 2nd a forwarding agent like Tenso ...ok the celga one had no charge the other 35Euro (around 50USD) SO WTF U GUYS!!!

      as to the tutorials I dunno >,< i'm kinda AGAINST step by step tutos and so .... maybe i can film myself while doing it or just give one or two tips LOL

  3. I really like your hair & clothes !
    You're such a pretty gyaru !

    1. thank you babyyyy <3 i really need motivation lately ;____; so i really thank you to express this!! GIANT KISS

  4. ho visto la foto bionda la gonna se non erro leopadarta**
    はなた わ かわいい です <3

  5. Really cute blog !!! i follow you now!!! *_*
    Have a nice day <3

  6. Ciao! Sono una nuova follower *^*
    Sei super bellissima >__<

  7. Good God why are you so perfect

    1. aaaaaa thank you!! i won't say i'm far from perfect cuz doing my best sometimes i feel perfect LOL btw thankie honey *3*. muah!!!!