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Monday, July 16, 2012


edit: i dont see this as ORA ORA KEI ... its more a ghetto barbie style LOL

hello babes!!!
i'm so happy lately.
i really love new sisters of GAL VIP!
they are the best
hardworkers, smart and skilful gorgeous ppl

this is todays outfit ... i really love the tee !! i think ill buy another one LOL
the back is very sexy but i cant take a decent picture of it sorry

ihih i put chains from my skull belt to shoes also ... its daaaaamn sexy

do u like me this way??
bye honeyssss!!!

ps: im posting from iphone Blogger app ... i hope its not that messy LOL


  1. Sexy lady! Damn, your hair is so amazing~ Please do a tutorial! ^3^

    1. me??? a tuto??? ahuhuhahuhuhuh
      omg it would be challenging ... u cant imagine how is my mind on this topic * hot stuff here*

    2. aww was forgetting LOL thankie Lizzie :3 im glad u like it!!

  2. Replies
    1. MUAH!! thankie for stopping here and showing some love!!! ihih i saw u somewhere around

  3. Wifey don't stop being sexy<3

    1. dont worry wifey!!!! <3 i stay like this ~
      State of Florida is gonna look at me saying " im hugging and warming Lolo and u wont cuz ure in Italy , na na na na na " <3 im so sad i cant go there ;u;

  4. Kyaaa, so sexy ♥ love the golden chains!!!
    Where did you get those shoes? *w*

    1. Babyyy!! how u doin wapita??
      these lovely shoes are from YUMETENBO honey <3
      they look way taller than the supertall i already have ** but they are compftyyyyyy
      chains fro the sandals is kinda fetish

  5. You always dress so sexy i love it! Love your belt!

  6. Wow,your outfit is really sexy!!
    Love it!!

    btw,I'm a new follower of your blog ^ ^
    If you have some free time pls check out my blog also ^ ^