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Friday, July 13, 2012

 : *゜*゜Y+゚゚+。YY゜*゜ :*´¨`*:..:*´¨`*:.☆ .+゜*☆*゜+.:.*.゚ ゚¨゚゚・*:..o○゚+    **+゚゚+。

REAL MARS pants 
d.i.a style tee with chains 
skull for belts 

today i received some new babies but i can't show u all my gets 
since tomorrow i gonna do the photoshoot for GAL VIP! magazine 
 and i want to use some of the new stuff 

... if u gonna see the mag ...if not i'll post the pics here anyway

>> i hadnt show u my last haul ( was like 11KG i guess )
I love biiig orders ** when for example i get a 17KG of gyaruness and spend all my day 
looking at the new stuff LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

my problem other than shipping costs LOL  is i had a giant bedroom i dont ;w;
so my closet is fat and the whole room messy 

 One thing i was a bit worried about were REAL MARS shorts....
i ordered size 24 thats the smallest ...
DAMN they fit perfectly <3 yahoooooo

 I'm eating healthy lately ....
in my meals less than 15% of the dish is meat and i feel way better 

I just add some meat so the dish is tastier and looks yummie 


i feel like going to the gym every*fucking*day &
get more active!!!
i've always been the fastest,the strongest
sooooo athletic <3 ihihi but i stopped doing sports

Now that i 'm 12+6+6 years old u,u 

i gotta restart 

Also want to study Ayurveda lifestyle and shiatsu massage 

I wanted to write more stuff  but i 'm tireddddd 

see you tomorrow ladies !!!!!


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  1. Lovin' the gets! ^^ I can't wait to see what you did for the mag :D I haven't yet done mine... Need to do it soon though ><