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Sunday, September 23, 2012

agejo para~

Hello dear cuties~
I ho pe you stay all happy!! if not, u gonna be happy in 3,2,1 secs ihihuh

i bought my ticket to Sweden few days ago !!
ill take part to this 23h GYARU CRUISE on 10th October ~
My male friend Jay from Lugano bought me 3 MA*RS accessories sets but one was not available so im getting just the 2 sets i really wanted!!
i think this is better !!
i died on pics of des two sets for months and finally they are mine! its always like this with stuff i really want ( llaw of attraction)
aint they dreamy?!

as soon as ill get some money ( now i have 5€ ONLY and its good like this ihihi ) i gotta order basic stuff ~
more ma*rs stockings to warm me up this fall/winter
( i ordered that one in the pic)
Makeup ~DIAMOND LASH , CC cream (just ordered) etc

Yesterday i went to see a female photogr. interested in us (as KKDIAMANTE CLUB) and i was wearing my sexy Golds infinity shirt
since ilost the zip charm while ago i replaced it with an heart shaped MA*RS one
Im working on ❺ crafting /diy projects ~
i show you just 2 of them(the easiest ones)
difficulty level for all of them goes from very easy to difficult

BarbieiPhone 4S case ~

Gal talk ~ comments
decided to integrate comments as japanese bloggers do
"UP! UP!": Argh, I hope you could get some rest from those people stressing you. Don't let them get you down, please. :/ Wow, a photoshooting! Have fun princess! Can't wait to see the results, hehe! ^///^ by Chirality

gαℓ♕qωєєиα'☆말가리타☆ : oh my Love *//////* you always desappear from my point of view ( that is stupid since we talk only here under our entries ;3; ) well they are VERY aggressive cuz i reply to their shit being very calm and happy~ they go so mad >,< its not funny at all if they keep on like this... cuz ill never go mad ... never LOL i just cant im a bit so-so cuz i cant wear my CL for the shooting , cuz of the abrasions i had on both eyes this month ~ even if without lenses i feel waaay more beautiful we also got to do a photoshoot for the gyarusa and there will be also Kanan since she is our new member <3 so now KIRAKIRA DIAMANTE CLUB is a 6 members galsa yayyyy

"GALライフ": DAMN GIRL U R SO HAWT >////< Can't wait to see you in Gal VIP!by Chirality

gαℓ♕qωєєиα'☆말가리타☆: oh GAL VIP is gonna be a huge success! and ill do my best to please you sweetheart *////* ah on 26th january ill be there in Germany ( Düsseldorf...) If u are free that weekend could we meet i can try to reach you


  1. Oooh I love your MA*RS accessories! <3 I've become more and more obsessed with MA*RS now~ I really want to buy more of their stuff too! :3

    1. ~ i think focusing on few brands styles is good <3 MA*RS,Golds Infinity and D.I.A= heaven LOL i got the skirt your bf bought you! so cute honey ~

  2. Haha, you made my comment part of your blog entry, that's so cute! :´D

    Oh dear, you're always so strong - I really admire you <3 I wish I could keep as calm as you are during an argument, but I'm easily on fire. xD"

    I hope you're doing well after your abrasions now! Treatment of the eyes is always the most uncomfy thing. Get well soon! =)
    And yes, I'm sure you ROCK it even without circle lenses. ;D

    Ahhhw, kanan! Another italian Gyaru I really like! Haha, you're all so beautiful over there! =D I'm glad that your Gal-Sa is a huge success, I always love seeing Gal-Sa just like Black Diamond <3 <3 <3

    I don't have my working and vacation schedules for 2013 yet, but I'll try my very best to get a few days off to meet you <3 I wanted to travel more inside Germany next year anyways haha - so what a gorgeous reason to start! ;D

    I adore your Ma*rs stuff, you've got such a gorgeous taste <3

    1. its just cuz if someone attack me is attacking himself not me ~ their aggressivity bounce cuz im a fucking mirror as my friend Ramses says LOL
      so why should i go mad if i see a person hating himself . I just show there are persons who listen to them without judging ~ effortless cuz its just being myself but sure they waste my energy <3 but at least i try to transform their shit in something good . for me all is useful

      as to the eye since Life gives you only what u need for your Soul i know it was just an experience to remind me some things and to fix the sick relationship i had with my mother( that was up to kill me but curing me for weeks made her veeery sweet and lovely) ~ was mainly for that and i can say im happy i had those two weeks <3 they worth it!!!!!

      Im very thankful (??) to Kanan
      Why dont you enter Bdia Int? *^* come and joiiin

      Seeing you is a dream for me! i really really heart you little Angel~ so lets meet pleaseeee
      ill see u drinking bubble tea LOOOOOL