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Monday, September 24, 2012

\(//∇//)\ { <3 }

Hello huns
blogging by from my is so much fun~ way easier to maintain a blig this way

yesterday i forgot to post this pic so gals who dont know this design can enjoy it better

I also forgot to tell you since i got almost 150 followers ill soon have my first giveaway <3 it will be as pink as me

yesterday i went to Chinatown with my babes ~

im not in this pic cuz in the morning they went to a "cosplay/manga "fair :3 i dont like such places

Unfortunately Mia wasnt there with us either in the afternoon but seeing the ribon rings she made us on our hands was so sweet !

i wore for the first time my ageha-shop open toes ankle booties and

i also made this garula系 belt

do u guys like it?? I DO!

miss doing my makeup w CL and fakies
i cant find my DUO lash adhesive ~
i refuse to buy a new tube

GAL talk~

by Lizzie ♥ in "agejo para~": Oooh I love your MA*RS accessories! <3 I've become more and more obsessed with MA*RS now~ I really want to buy more of their stuff too! :3

~ i think focusing on few brands styles is good <3 MA*RS,Golds Infinity and D.I.A= heaven LOL i got the skirt your bf bought you!

so cute honey ~

by Chirality in "agejo para~": Haha, you made my comment part of your blog entry, that's so cute! :´D Oh dear, you're always so strong - I really admire you <3 I wish I could keep as calm as you are during an argument, but I'm easily on fire. xD" I hope you're doing well after your abrasions now! Treatment of the eyes is always the most uncomfy thing. Get well soon! =) And yes, I'm sure you ROCK it even without circle lenses. ;D Ahhhw, kanan! Another italian Gyaru I really like! Haha, you're all so beautiful over there! =D I'm glad that your Gal-Sa is a huge success, I always love seeing Gal-Sa just like Black Diamond <3 <3 <3 I don't have my working and vacation schedules for 2013 yet, but I'll try my very best to get a few days off to meet you <3 I wanted to travel more inside Germany next year anyways haha - so what a gorgeous reason to start! ;D I adore your Ma*rs stuff, you've got such a gorgeous taste <3


its just cuz if someone attack me is attacking himself not me ~ their aggressivity bounce cuz im a fucking mirror as my friend Ramses says LOL so why should i go mad if i see a person hating himself . I just show there are persons who listen to them without judging ~ effortless cuz its just being myself but sure they waste my energy <3 but at least i try to transform their shit in something good . for me all is useful as to the eye sincelife gives you only what u need to grow i
t was just an experience to remind me some things and to fix the sick relationship i had with my mother( curing me for weeks made her veeery sweet and lovely) ~ this is mom 4 years ago

was mainly for that and i can say im happy i had those two weeks <3 they worth it!!!!!
Im very thankful (??) to Kanan
Why dont you enter Bdia Int? *^* come and joiiin

Seeing you is a dream for me! i really really heart you little Angel~ so lets meet pleaseeee ill see u drinking bubble tea LOOOOOL


  1. Ahhhw, your "babes" are all looking so cute - even though I'm missing you in that photo, haha. xD I absolutely love your belt! <3

    First of all: GOD. Your mum is such a beauty! O___O
    Its so nice to hear that got something positive out of such an unpleasant situation! I hope things will keep going well for you! =D

    I actually don't feel good enough for Black Diamond, and on top of that I'm more on the Himekaji side most of the time. xD" I guess I'd feel very missplaced beside all those hot Kuronba Gals. ;D

    Haha, sure! Let's go get some bubble tea, I'll treat you one! (I really feel like owing you one, since I was kinda teasing you with my bubble tea photos before. lol)


    1. Honey i tasted bubble tea in Barcelona but was too much ~ 14674777jilion strawberry bubbles
      i wanted my lil sister to steal it LOL
      as with icecream .., damn it takes at least 1h to finish one ... lul need some help cuz for me such things are not ... food , i i find it boring to have them for more than 2 mins