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Sunday, October 7, 2012

~ rokku happiness+CL+karaoke( pics heavy)

hello diamonds ~ {英語で}
i havent updated with the acrylic nails the other day cuz i went to this point
then i did a very cute " mermaid /purple x pink gradient" BUT DECIDED TO TRY DOING A FUCKING RIBON WITH ACRYLIC PASTE ... cute at first ... then a MESS
I had a volcano on my finger
Taking it off has been funnier cuz i like risk and i was in a " if u do it wrong BYE BYE finger " situation with sissors VS a giant hard vulcano on my poor. natural nail

ihih but sissors won

I took them all off and decided to retry before leaving for Sweden ( on Tue)

this is yesterdays outfit~ LOVED IT
top and skirtchinese shops
jacket by tally
i forgot to take a video of the hair but it was veryyy cute ~ well u can see a bit of it
the choker has been made up by me
For makeup pics just wit few seconds( its in the circle lenses review)
BTW here i made a shooped pic to explain the style

I really like my makeup to be like this :
feel way sexier without lashes

On thu i went shopping in Milan and bought circle lenses , 2 tops , 2 outers /jackets ,a ring , 5 chokers,two pair of sunglasses and a lovely scarf ...

i just show u the lenses, one of the jackets and the d.i.a style top

the lenses are very compfty and cute!!
they got leo pattern and are REDDISH
Flex Wear

at first i wasnt a RED ENTUSIAST ~ but now ... well i really like them !!
DESIGN X/5 ; pattern is lovely ( who doesnt like leoprint?!) and color is very strong
ENLARGEMENT/5 ; got big eyes naturally and love 16/17mm effect lenses a lot ~
COMPFORT/5 ; after my abrasion I really hoped tthem to be perfect and tthey are ~ wore them for many many hours yesterday ( 14 i guess) .


( i dont wear any fake eyelashes , just my new wet mascara)
natural light ~ love them
here is the d.i.a style top i found in a shop~

aint it fab???
the shop had also this dress but iended up buying it online ( the merchant in milan told me 50EURO/66USD, online i found it at 8USD ) here there isnt any string but it holes to put a silky one crossed on the back that is the most lovely feature of this dress imho
ENJOY THE PERFECT string i made with the pen
this dress is gnna arrive while in Sweden as other 3 packs ( 1 is a large order of lashes , one is my CELGA one and anothrer got some eco supplies)
i told celga to ship directly to Fredrik from since ill spend my Scandinavian experience with that lovely man he is so cute and kind !!
Ill also meet Daniel finallyyy ~ aaa two blondes and a choko

~ the jacket i found at TALLY WEIJL got lace sleeves and heart shaped charm~
u can see also the pink one .

in those shops they always try to give me an M or L as top pieces size cuz of the boobs but i got an S yay for peite bone structures ~

Yesterday I wore the top and the jacket for KK DIAMANTEsister 's bday
Jay is 19 now ~ OLDWOMAN pedos dont like u nymore
this is the only decent pic LOL

we went to a ktv ( karaoke)and had a wonderful crazy time dancing and singing
BUT WE WERE SHOUTING AT T.O.P Nd other BIG BANG members 80% of the time ~my hair is messy for that reason lol



  1. I love the lenses<3 They look so gorgeous on you! Glad you had fun at karaoke and have fun in sweden chuu<3

  2. uuughh why do you always look so cute?! <3333

    1. Naoki ... you are getting more and more beautiful ~

      i really love you ;3;

  3. Those are some super sexy buys. Damn I need to buy more clothes! lol

  4. Awesome as always <3

    I have the same leo skirt, but it looks so much cuter on you! xD" ~ I love your new shops as well, you have such a gorgeous taste! <3