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Monday, October 8, 2012

~business x3

Hello sweeties
~ Modeling
~ my clothing line
~ lizzie's point system and university

Queens in 21th century are supposed to work right??
i got my own vision on jobs , money and so ... only if you are very sensiitive and open minded you could get it
btw i dont like the marketplace view and dont think if u do a job the pay is a MUST ~
i think u will be rewarded in many ways in any case, not just with the money u think u must get in exchange

one of my dreams is going on a level i could live without worrying abt being paid ~

Now even if im evergreen , THEY SAY i'll be 25 in January and i never worked im happy with it cuz its the lifestyle that i chose and as Ninoshka says Princesses dont work ( and i add " to live")


yesterday i made a sexy photoshoot
since i decided to work as a model
but the pics are too sexy to show here!!
if anyone want to see them i can give u a zip file with a password as soon as they give me the pics , or share a folder on dropbox

i know im ugly but well i can take it with the " the important is they like it " philosophy LOL
One of my passions is selecting music for others so id love to be a DJ MODEL
i already got some links

id never work for another person and im against resumes/CV system ~ i could never go begging for a job
im not telling its stupid for everybody, just for me its kinda impossible
The ultimate decision its always mine
no other way , no options
the only thing i could do under another person is being model in Art schools or other artistical jobs like singer and so on


another project is my own clothing line but i need to plan it a bit more <3
i just have to do some business meeting and be positive ~ i can make it
found a local firm doing AGEJO style stockings so i can give them my designs to produce them ...
for the whole clothing line id love to have a partner at least to invest together

Since i was a kid i used to plan my own fashion magazine so im glad to be involved in GAL VIP ~ now ild love to run some smartphone and 2.0 apps/services better
Ill ask paul ~

The other day i came across lizzie's POINT SYSTEM and since i love lists and scheduling i ve been amazed by it

example :
done duty #1 25points
done duty #2 50 points
done duty #3 140 points

item/reward #1 200 points

~ i get the new circle lenses (200 points) if i study unit 10 of Japanese (25),, ecc

i could adapt it in my own way since i could never use this for regular activities
but well for special duties it would be niceee

so stay tuned !!


  1. Aah good luck in everything, sweetie! <3 And you look so sexy. So jealous of your body <3

  2. I'll message you about those pics on skype. haha. And beautiful pictures. Good Luck with your goals~~~
    I haven't worked yet either and I'm 20 lol.
    ~Go Queenie~

    Good luck with your clothing line<33 You know I'll buy from me! And Lizzie's Point System is awesome right? It's so helpful!

    1. ahah i cant start with Lizzie's system ~ im so " no duties in my life ahahah

      well i got to do a meeting and see cuz i dont have partners and firms make at least 100pcs of any items ... this is what they say

  4. I want pics too!!!!!!!!!!
    Hahaha my mom complains that I haven't worked yet at I'm 21 xD I don't wanna work, I wanna get paid for doing what I like! And good luck on your clothing line! <3 The pictures look adorable

    1. yes!! we will get paid for doing what we are good att
      my mum let me loose all the jobs i got when i was 18-21 :3 so she cant say an " AH" abt such things ~
      cuz i found jobs and lost them cuz of her so ....